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The rotary coater type TR is the solution for adding liquids such as: fat, oil flavors and vitamins, in higher percentages than those included in the formulas during the blending phase. Is built in two models, marked by TR 60 and TR 80, which differ in their outputs. The coater runs on rubber wheels and is driven by a gearmotor via “V” belts. Perfect mixing of the product with the liquid is given by the drums’ revolving motion and by proper paddles arranged on the internal wall.

According to the plant requirements and to the customers choice, the system may be supplied in one of three different versions:

– Manual dosing
– Semi-automatic dosing
– Automatic dosing

The automatic dosing system consists of the following: a product flow adjustment, a meter connected to the converter of electric pulses from the liter meter, a liquid indicator which instantaneously shows the throughput as well as a liter totalizer for added liquids and a dosing device where it is possible to program the percentage of the required addition by keying-in parameters within 0.0 to 10.0 as well as the specific weight of the liquid which may range from 0.50 to 2.00.

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