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X-TRU 215/5


The Golfetto Sangati is new extruder type X-TRU 215/5 has been developed from over thirty years experience and technological knowhow and enhances the excellent performance of the former ESC model. The research and development departments have studied and targeted the everincreasing market requirements in terms of finished product quality and shape forming.

One of the advantages of the extruder type X-TRU 215/5 is the long term pre-cooking of blends for human food and petfood, for improving the formulation homogenisation, sanitation and starch gelatinisation combined with an accurate control of the cooking process and product shaping. All contact parts within the extruder are made of stainless steel. The single shaft barrel is modular and is equipped with the most modern technology for steam dosing, liquid addition and process automation for control of finished product cooking and shaping.

The extruder type X-TRU 215/5 mounts a longterm conditioner (CONDISAN) for direct steam conditioning of blends. Indirect heat from the heating blankets grants an optimal management of temperatures. The special design of the double effect paddles ensures the best homogenisation and uniformity of treatment based on the FI-FO principle (First In – First Out).

Powered by a 160 kW electric motor, the basic version of the extruder type X-TRU 215/5 has a barrel formed by five modules. Each module is provided with a temperature probe and a cooling chamber system. This new machine features two pressure control probes, one located on the third module just before the kneading area, where the breaker bolts are fitted. The other is on the last module before the die plate, for controlling the shaping process where the pressure is at the highest level. The screw sections and modules are hardened by tungsten carbides. On the last module where the friction is highest an interchangeable jacket is included.

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